Snowblind came together in 2005 on a mission to create good music.

Each group member possesses extensive musical training and professional accolades, but together they chase the communal idea of the jazz ensemble: a group in which all members are equal and pursue common musical goals through relentless rehearsal. Music in the tradition of jazz masters such as Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk, and Art Blakey served as a foundation for the group. From there, the members injected their own personal influences to apply inventive reharmonizations and textures to traditional jazz standards and compose original works inspired by their predecessors within the genre. Snowblind's 2006 debut album, Arctic Fury, serves as the band's homage to these luminaries.

Following the release of their first record, Snowblind continued to shape their artistic vision through performances at the Dakota Jazz Club and Restaurant, The Artists' Quarter, and the Twin Cities Hot Summer Jazz Festival. The ten original tracks on their second album, Taking Shape, extend the full-bodied brass sound they embrace from jazz to Afro-Cuban, groove-oriented, and through-composed works.

audio player:  

Shilad Sen (tenor sax)    -   Adam Rossmiller (trumpet)    -   Scott Agster (trombone)    -   Graydon Peterson (bass)    -   Reid Kennedy (drums)

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